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Monfortian Education
International (MEI)

The MEI is 300 years old global education foundation originally registered in Paris. Today it has schools, colleges, and universities; care centres to address various disabilities, NGOs to address specific issues of human rights and social concerns, in 34 countries spread to all the continents. The Spirit-filled force behind all these initiatives is the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, originated by the great visionary and missionary, St. Montfort of early 18th century. Engaging the individuals and society for a better future as children of God has been, and shall be the goal of this fellowship without borders. It is an inclusive education process and you have a place and space in it.
Global Learning Network (GLN)
The GLN is an innovative entrepreneurship for learners of 21st century worldwide. Every one of you and all educational entities can find a place in it for benefit and contribution.
Centre for Education Research
& Innovation (CERI)
The CERI networks all educational entities into a Research and Innovation mode in a fundamentally changed society of our time. To lead our learning process across the world from information - to knowledge - to intelligence - to WISDOM is a Montfortian challenge. This site will open you up to these innovations.
The GLOBAL LEARNING NETWORK (GLN) is an initiative of MONTFORTIAN EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL (MEI). It seeks to empower 21st century learners with information, inspiration and insights for integrated life and holistic society. It is a worldwide EDUCATION RESEARCH AND INNOVATION (CERI) process for generating a road map for the learners of our time.